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Art For All

The Bower Center’s mission continues to evolve, with new offerings in 2021. The year 2021 marks 15 years since the Bower Center for the Arts first opened its doors. What initially began as the Bedford Academy for the Arts with a broad mission of “promoting the cultural arts” has evolved—big time. Over the years, the center has become an access point for the arts in Central Virginia and a downtown anchor for the Town of Bedford.
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A Warm Welcome: A Rustic & Refined Home

A rustic, yet refined, home where self-expression is embraced. A record player rests atop a faux fur throw with a vintage record player at the ready. it’s soft, and I like the sound,” Ellen Dorman says of the display on her entry console table. Indeed, softness seems to be a dominant theme in the Dorman family home: everything feels warm and inviting in this space, from the earth tone walls to the abundance of soft throw rugs to the natural wood furnishings.
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The Truth About Training

I remember when I used to hit the gym, but after some time away, it felt like the gym hit me. Undergoing several significant life changes put a pause in my fitness routine. In fact, I struggled to find a sense of routine in general. It didn’t help that my children, who truly are two of my life’s greatest joys, happened to be the world’s worst sleepers: it was three full years before I slept every night of the week without waking.
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Best Places to Go Glamping in Virginia

Connect with Nature Without Sacrificing Comfort at Virginia’s Luxury Camping Destinations. My husband is an Eagle Scout who spent lots of time backpacking throughout Virginia; thus, he digs camping. I didn’t last a day in Brownies back on my native Long Island, N.Y. and have never actually been camping.
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The Creepy Minor Key

I believe that Ira Gershwin said it best: “How strange the change/from major to minor.” It’s strange, indeed. Whether you realize it or not, I know you’ve heard it before: the creepy minor key. From the traditional sounds of a pipe organ (at a haunted house, perhaps), if you want to know about how to summon the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve in your own music, or just how to make some poppy bubblegum song turn dreary), then read on.
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The Truck Driver’s Gear Shift

If you’re a beginning songwriter or arranger – or just someone who is looking to put their own spin on a cover – it’s likely that you’re looking for a way to make your song: to add motion towards the end of a piece or a climax of a piece…(like if your piece, um, has no other climax?) If so, you may be sorely tempted to resort to the notorious truck driver’s gear shift.
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The 20 Most Romantic Renditions of Jazz Standards

Radio stations these days are replete with basic, ill-written lyrics about dating or makin’ whoopee. Should we expect more from modern songs? Sadly, probably not: the beginning stages of dating are akin to puppy love—sweet, not deep—and sex sells. Where do we look for true love songs, then, especially on this Valentine’s Day?
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The 15 Best Non-Christmas Songs That Appear On Christmas Albums

You’re on a road trip in December and you’re gearing up in total pre-game mode for the festivities coming in the days ahead. Between the jingling of bells, the decking of halls, and all of that rocking around the Christmas tree, it’s Christmas all the way – until you hear the random track that doesn’t sound like any Christmas carol you’ve ever heard before.
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Is Loft Living for You?

You want to be able to walk or bike everywhere. Loft living means living in a city with quick access to shops, dining and entertainment, so while you don’t need to get rid of your car, you also won’t need it just to go up a block or two. You appreciate history and architecture. If you love the character of older homes and buildings and despise all things cookie-cutter, a loft could be for you.
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Gotta Get Up To Get Downtown

With a greater interest in downtown revitalization, historic preservation and simple living, the demand for loft living is on the rise. Lofts establish a sense of community and their locations provide convenience to work (whether you work in the city or need to simply hop on 501), as well as being within walking distance from shopping, dining out and recreation.
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Villa Maria | How a Lynchburg Landmark Became a Family Home

From the sprawling green lawn to the wrought iron fence that surrounds it, it’s impossible to miss the brick Georgian mansion anchoring the corner of Rivermont Avenue and Langhorne Road. The 1911 building has gone through many incarnations since its initial construction as the personal home of Phillip Krise.
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Since You’ve Been Gone: 11 Post-Breakup Songs To Help You Make It Through

If you went through a difficult breakup, we send our condolences and encouragement: you will survive Valentine’s Day. Even if you drown your sorrows in chocolates, drinks, and sweet treats, rest assured that you’ve got company in the post-breakup period: Kelly Clarkson wasn’t the only one to go through a breakup and think about how things were going since her lover was gone.
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Charlotte A.F. Farley

Writer and editor Charlotte Farley works with publications and businesses that make a positive difference in their communities. She also works with small and regional nonprofits, bringing in over $200K purely in grant awards in just under four years for organizations like the Virginia Children's Book Festival, the Wharton Memorial Foundation, and the Bower Center for the Arts.

Charlotte stepped into freelancing after stepping out of the classroom in 2011. During her tenure as an English teacher, she revived the creative writing and literary magazine programs; subsequently, the publications earned national recognition and top-place awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Charlotte had the honor of presenting at the CSPA Spring Convention in 2008 and has since served on the Board of Judges.

A professional pianist and born-and-bred Long Island girl, she comes by her fondness for Billy Joel and bagels honestly and unapologetically. These days, Charlotte calls Virginia home and lives with her husband and two children in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.



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