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Charlotte A.F. Farley

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Home Grown Cuisine | Farm-to-Table Dining

From Hanover tomatoes and Halifax cantaloupes to the basil and mint growing in your kitchen garden, the Commonwealth is rich with locally grown delectables—and thanks to a growing interest in local foods, it’s becoming easier than ever to find Virginia-grown foodstuffs and beverages at the market.
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The Truth About Training

I remember when I used to hit the gym, but after some time away, it felt like the gym hit me. Undergoing several significant life changes put a pause in my fitness routine. In fact, I struggled to find a sense of routine in general. It didn’t help that my children, who truly are two of my life’s greatest joys, happened to be the world’s worst sleepers: it was three full years before I slept every night of the week without waking.
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A Happy Place | Weekend Getaway Offers Peace and Pleasure

Down a shaded lane, away from the lively festivities of Smith Mountain Lake State Park and the Kings Point Pub, a sprawling ranch with gray shingles overlooks a serene cove. Small solar lamps light the curved stone pathway lined by planters brimming with seasonal color; a cheery garden flag welcomes guests.
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Raising a Family & Raising Awareness: The Blankenships’ Story

In many ways, Emaleigh Blankenship is just like all 9-year-old girls: she’s in third grade, she loves music, and she takes her dog out for walks. And like many other young girls, Emaleigh has a problem with people who stare, a sentiment that stemmed from her frustration with strangers staring at her through the years.
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’90s Nostalgia

Factor in a few of these dope trends to look da bomb on your big day. You know the 1990s are back in fashion when you can buy scrunchies from your favorite trendy retailers again. High-waist jeans, chokers, flannel shirts, velvet—love it or hate it, it seems like everything but “The Rachel” haircut has come around again.
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Tradition with a Twist

On a quiet street in a secluded Boonsboro neighborhood, a white center-hall Colonial with black shutters presents the perfect background for colorful Christmas decorations. Blue lights drape over tree branches and Kelly Green bows wrap the light pole and add the final touch to an evergreen wreath.
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The Creepy Minor Key

I believe that Ira Gershwin said it best: “How strange the change/from major to minor.” It’s strange, indeed. Whether you realize it or not, I know you’ve heard it before: the creepy minor key. From the traditional sounds of a pipe organ (at a haunted house, perhaps), if you want to know about how to summon the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve in your own music, or just how to make some poppy bubblegum song turn dreary), then read on.
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Surrounded by Art, Surrounded by Community

Before Patrick Ellis and Mitchell Bond bought their home in downtown Bedford, they had visions of living a more simplified and creative life that might tie in their seminary education. “We referred to it as ‘moving to Kansas’,” jokes Mitchell. “We said, ‘Well, maybe this could be Kansas’,” recalls Mitchell, a Bedford native.
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Let’s Go Glamping!

My husband is an Eagle Scout who spent lots of time backpacking throughout Virginia; thus, he digs camping. I didn’t last a day in Brownies back on my native Long Island and have never actually been camping. Now, while the notion of telling ghost stories around a fire, playing music, roasting hot dogs, and making s’mores appeals to me, the idea of spending the night in sleeping bags and tents does not.
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Summer Refreshment

Finding ideas for color, pattern, and your own sense of style from two of the industry’s top voices. Charlotte, Steele, and Meg discussed the best ways to refresh your space. They talked everything from how to use trendy colors to imbuing your space with personality and timelessness—and according to Steele, farmhouse isn’t going anywhere yet.
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The Truck Driver’s Gear Shift

If you’re a beginning songwriter or arranger – or just someone who is looking to put their own spin on a cover – it’s likely that you’re looking for a way to make your song: to add motion towards the end of a piece or a climax of a piece…(like if your piece, um, has no other climax?) If so, you may be sorely tempted to resort to the notorious truck driver’s gear shift.
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The Well-stocked Dock

There are few things more relaxing than sitting on the dock, listening to the gently lapping water, breathing in the vistas, and dipping your toes in the water. Indeed, the dock is the new it-spot for getting together on the water. More than just a landing pad for coming out of (or going into) the water, the dock is a place that more and more people are using as a multipurpose outdoor space to fish, boat, dine and gather.
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Charlotte A.F. Farley

I help people tell stories, land sales, win grant awards, and save time.

From custom speeches to blog posts, curriculum guides to web content, I serve clients around the globe. I also write lifestyle features, design features, and exclusive profiles for several local and regional print magazines, and I'm in currently working on three different concept books for children.

I stepped into freelancing after stepping out of the classroom in 2011. During my tenure as an English teacher, I revived the creative writing and literary magazine programs; subsequently, the publications I advised earned national recognition and top-place awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. I had the honor of speaking and presenting at the CSPA Spring Convention in 2008 and went on to serve as a publications adjudicator.

My experiences are invaluable, but my strength lies in crafting articles, features, and speeches that hit home with readers and helping writers convey their messages in the clearest and most effective way possible. I seek work that I can embrace and that can make a positive impact on others.

A born-and-bred Long Island girl who's allergic to both cats and politics, I come by my fondness for bagels, sense of place, and Billy Joel honestly and unapologetically. These days, I live with my husband and two children in sweet Virginia.



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